The Payments Association EU A.S.B.L (PA EU) is a non-profit association of payments industry influencers based at the LHoFT in Luxembourg.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and defend the interests of its members and as well as the study of any issues concerning the payments industry in the European Union.

PA EU builds on the international network of our London-based sister organisation, the Payments Association (PA), consisting of 150 members from across the payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more.

PA EU seeks to achieve its objectives by organizing events, managing projects defending the interests of its members, publishing research documents and providing training.

Collectively, members of the PA transact more than €6 trillion annually and employ more than 300,000 staff, meaning that we now have a significant influence over the industry's future.

    12 months
    Package price

    As a Member you will get access to a series of events hosted by PA EU throughout the year such as the "PA@Home" Networking Events, the Regulatory Working group seminars, CXO private lunch meetings and much more. Events are held both in person and digitally.

    The second pillar of our organization is based on our projects and working groups, where our members are invited to participate according to their interests and objectives.

    In partnership with our sister-association PA, long-established in the United Kingdom, the membership offers "the best of both worlds", as it also provides exclusive access to the two flagship events hosted by our friends in London, including the "Pay360" annual conference and the  "Payments Awards" ceremony.

    Our newsletter makes sure you won't miss any of our events and also regularly promotes conferences and special news from our members.

    Furthermore, as a regular member, you will be granted 5 personal introductions to target stakeholders within the EU, but also beyond through our sister organizations PA (UK) and EPA Asia.

    Lastly, a membership grants access to a comprehensive database of research reports, briefing papers, case studies, white papers, and policy documents.

    A membership also offers the opportunity to publish white papers, press releases, and special announcements via our website and social media.


    - Early bird nomination worth £300 for the PAY360 Awards

    - Free delegated place on a Payments 101 training Course (interactive webinar) worth €600

    - Delegate discounts for our media partner events, including Money20/20 Amsterdam, Paris Fintech Forum, and Fintech Connect London

    - Listing of members' major events on PA online event calendar

    12 months
    Package price

    Patrons are companies that want to accelerate their business growth and cement their reputation in the industry, as well as receive the benefits of being a Member.

    Companies can either join directly as a Patron or upgrade their Regular Membership to a Patron Membership.

    Patrons receive all the Regular Member benefits as well as:

    - Enhanced marketing sponsorship on PA website with logo on front page

    - Sponsorship of either PA networking event or CEO round table executive dinner

    - 20 additional personal introduction by email to target stakeholders within EU and beyond through our sister organizations PA (UK) and EPA ASIA

    - Guaranteed role on a PA EU Project Team

    12 months
    Package price

    Benefactors that join PA EU are major companies that want to shape the future of payments across the EU and demonstrate their leadership status within the industry.

    Benefactors receive all Member benefits and additionally:

    - Sponsorship of one of the PA EU's Projects, shaping its direction and priorities

    - Premium positioning of logo on all PA EU collateral items and website

    - Sponsorship of events associated with your designated PA EU Project and Benefactor brand to be featured on all PA EU collateral related to the project

    - Lastly, event Sponsorship of either a half-day payment seminar or two CEO round table executive dinners

    - 45 additional personal introduction by email to target stakeholders within EU and UK, as well as globally through our sister organization PA (UK) and ASIA

    12 months
    Package price

    Organizations at an early stage in their development play a crucial role in our community, as they both can take advantage of the many benefits offered by a PA EU membership, and engage with other members in the community.

    To be eligible for ScaleUp Membership, your company must have annual revenues below €1m and be managed by its immediate owners.

    The ScaleUp membership runs on a progressive annual member fee starting at €2200 year 1, €4400 year 2, €9900 year 3 and onwards (ScaleUp demands 2-year commitment).